We have only two flat rates, one is for local deliveries in Macedonia, which is 120 MKD (equal to 2 EUR’s) and global flat rate which is 800 MKD (equal to 13 EUR’s).

2nd flat rate apply to all orders all over the world shipping.

We are cooperating with  where you can follow your delivery.

Local deliveries in Macedonia is 1-2 days. Global deliveries are 3-4 days. Thanks to DHL express cargo deliveries.

After receiving the order, we drop the item from the stock. Since most of our bags are unique and produced only one piece, its yours forever.

The delivery is arranged after receiving the payment from your credit card or bank transfer.

Later you will get an email and a notification of shipment.

Yes, of course you will receive an invoice, issued from BAER Invest and Capital Management DOO in Skopje. All things are managed by the company, we strictly follow the regulations and customer rights. For any issue you can always contacts us through whats app or viber from the number on our website or write an email to “support(@)”.

You will be notified per email or message if you wish about your order and you will receive a tracking code from DHL Express where you can follow the route of your purchased item.


Depending the reply speed of your bank and receipt speed of our bank, usually the payment is realized within 24 hours of payment. Due to banking issues in some countries this may take place for then 24 hours.

The wish list or is an itemization of goods or services that a you desire or your Wishlist is the list of desired products that you save for future reference or purchase.

We take full responsibility of wrong deliveries and defected items caused by our side. Once we replace the item, you will not be charged the delivery costs, we will handle all.

Yes you can cancel your order within required time between your purchase and our processing time. This is usually several hours within your purchase time and our processing time.

The same applies if you want to change your idea about the purchased item and order some other item.

Please note!!!

  • Once your payment is received, we have to re-calculate if there is any change in item price.
  • Once the order is processed it might be too late to recall the item from DHL!
  • If still would like to change the item, all charges arising will be charged on your bill!

But please do not panic, you will have time to contact our call center and the your wish will be fulfilled.

This is the number how you will follow your package delivery route. You will receive this number from DHL tracking and you can follow everything online.