Production Stage

Before we start production we let the our inspiration free and visualize the colors, conditions, tastes flow into our imaginary world. We like to be unique, everyone likes to be unique, this is a very natural state to feel our reasoning and emotions as special to be.

Our motto is “No one has ever achieved anything truly significant in any sphere of life without being absolutely devoted to what they are doing.”

Our joy drives our passion and this is our greatest happiness for the day at work.

Women at work

üret önlük

We care about the flexibility and easy to use adding small details to create more esthetic.

Details that reveal the beauty

üret 7

Combination of fabric with leather gave more beauty and natural state to the bags, we used every material, all leftovers and new cuts, letting nothing aside, which made some bags unique, which also makes it exclusive for the owner of the bag, produced only one of a kind.

Though such single products, we also produce serial models with different color combinations upon demand.

Please write your comments, likes, dislikes and wishes, by this way we can improve ourselves and bring the best out of it in our work.

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